can't make used new hull

hi, i’m beginner so maybe i made a mistake but i have complete all easy and medium campaign but i can’t create new turrets or vehicles cause i have no motors or loaders unlocked and when i win “colonel” game i don’t unlock any new items…
any suggestion for help me?

please i just want to know how unlock motors and loaders thanks

Which version of GTB do you have ?
(Reason why i ask is because there are loaders and motors already unlocked at the start)

i got a steam gtb but i see motors and loaders unloked only for starting units i can’t use them for my own units (they’re locked for another hull but unlocked for 88 canon for example but if i try to make my own 88 it’s locked)

Just for clarification:
when you say “your own units” are you refering to the units you have unlocked through the campaign ?

Reason why I ask is that none of the motors or loaders are locked items. So if you can see them for the vanilla units that you start with, then you should be able to see the motors and loaders for any and all units you unlock throughout the game (except when designing turrets, you cant put motors on turrets)

So, to help explain what your seeing (or not seeing in this case) can you post a screenshot of the unit builder showing the problem.
It might help us determine what is happening.

you are definitely scrolling those lists to see all the modules? That might explain it. Unless you can see them and they are still locked?

units i try to make are unlocked but i can’t use motors or loaders even vanilla units module. they are only available for vanilla units, if i try to make my own flak 40, i can’t use the same loader. i’m major general rank (i finish easy and medium campaign). i tick on change hull i have some guns shields or armor and targeting but no motors and loader… … 6977091733

well in this screenshots you see a loader available for a vanilla units but if you look on your left this is locked
now the same with the basic drive system unlock for the vanilla unit but locked in the module list … tab=public

Hmmm, you say you don’t have them unlocked, are you ever asked to choose an unlock? have you ever managed to succesfulyl unlock anything? The unlocks are stored in a file which is mirrored with steams cloud synch data, are you maybe using the game on another PC and having problems with the cloud save, or with different accounts?
Can you email to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, the details of the problem, and also the following file:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles\unl.dat

i never play with another pc this is starting to be a little bit “boring” well i can’ t read the unlocked files well thanks for the help i’ll try to find by myself or simply remove the game

In that case i suggest you do the following:
(Disclaimer: its not an elegant solution but it will get the job done.)

  1. Head across to \My Documents\My Games\
  2. Delete the Directory \GratuitousTankBattles\
  3. Run the game again.
  4. You should be able to use the modules again

thanks for the tips just a question how can i be sure that my serial key is activated? maybe the cause of my locked motors and loaders isn’t it? cause i’m sick of this!.. no sorry but it’s always locked even delete this file darkstars i see in the components menu (left) there is no motors and no loaders available please someone help me :’(

I didn’t as you to delete a file - I wanted you to delete the DIRECTORY. However it was only one posible solution to solving the problem. (From my tests i can recreate the same situation a few ways.)

And that is what we are trying to do, but we need your help in order to help you.
So in order to understand what your game is going we need you post these file:

[b]\my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles[/b]unl.dat
[b]\program files\steam\steamapps\common\Gratuitous Tank Battles\data[/b]unlocks.txt

This will enable us to understand what is happening any why these modules are locked.

the button “email us” doesn’t works. and i was saying file but i did it ( delete directory) but there is no difference. maybe if i remove and reinstall the game. and how post my unl.dat file?

Ok, so that eliminates one posibility.

That is a good idea at this point, completely remove the game and have Steam download the latest version

When you make a post if you look below the submit buttou you will see the upload attachment area.
If you going to upload the files, please upload
unl.dat (\my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles)
unlocks.txt (\program files\steam\steamapps\common\Gratuitous Tank Battles\data)

finally i just disable steam cloud and i unlock all motors and loaders dev must works on it for make a patch thanks for help