Capitalists are a bit misrepresented

There are several policies which have effects on capitalist opinion which is either the wrong strength, or even the wrong direction.

Import tarrifs: I know lately that a certain, prominent political figure, has been gathering support generally from the right wing by pushing tariffs, but that does not mean that capitalists specifically are pleased by them. Capitalists like to make money anywhere and everywhere, and will get annoyed by any tax. Many will want to use imports to make profits, and will be annoyed by tariffs. Certainly patriots should be the main group pleased by this policy, but I would say also a dash of conservatives and socialists should be pleased. Conservatives are more the part of the right wing you are thinking of who would like tariffs than capitalists, and socialists because “cheap imports are being used to undercut honest [my country] workers out of a job!”. Again, this is mainly a patriotic attitude, but there is a dash of socialism involved as well.

Toll roads: I’ve brought this up before, why are capitalists so in love with toll roads? It’s debatable whether capitalists would even approve of this policy at all, but +27%? Really? I would honestly argue that wealth should approve of this more than capitalists as it’s “clearing the riff raff off the roads I pay for”.

Compulsory foreign language classes, rare earth metal mining and technology grants all please capitalists too much. Capitalists generally want the government’s hands off, and will see these as distortions of the market. The things that should please or annoy capitalists should be based generally around results rather than intent. “Do or do not, there is no try” actually aligns well with capitalist mentality.

Intellectual property rights should have a more pronounced impact on their opinion, and have a negative side when below 50%. This is also a policy I would remove the ability to cancel, making it something the player has to have a stance on, rather than something they can cancel and ignore.

Proportionate fines and luxury goods tax are both taxes on the wealthy, but not necessarily all capitalists. These impacts on capitalist opinion should be minor, if present at all, and potentially have more impact on wealthy opinion.

Things which should have more positive impact on capitalist opinion:
-GDP, yes, even more than the 45% it already produces when maxed out. Capitalists will forgive a lot, as long as that all important economy is rolling strong.
-Foreign investment, this is an indicator of a strong economy, so 10% is far from adequate.
-High productivity
-Legalized sex work

And the negatives:
-Minimum wage
-Pollution controls
-Payroll tax
-Financial transactions tax
-Consumer rights
-Automation tax

In more general terms, capitalist opinion should be based on what economic results I’m achieving, how much I’m taxing them, and how much I’m meddling in the market.


How many of your concerns have been addressed?