Car Design Bug

Hi,Today i found that when i was in the design screen i clicked on the truck icon and found that when i clicked on Panoramic roof on the truck it showed a cover on the rear part and a panoramic roof on the cab.
When on the production line it does not show up on the truck,just shows normal cab.also is there a way to ADD a design to any car that you have previously omitted on design screen.Thanks, are doing a fab job Cliff.

I used to work on the Production line in Southampton on Transits fitting several items,then the paint shop,Quality control inspector checking if there were any defects,Bodyshop where the first part of the transit was built,Material handling,forklift driving,even saw them putting robots in(they had a lot of trouble with them at first) Receiving Inspector checking Lorries with parts on coming in.Finally ending up working for the Material Handling Manager.30 years in total so know quite a bit about the processes in different departments.We had a lot of Strikes early on where we did not get parts from other Ford plants so got laid off till it finished. Any info you would like to know just give us a shout i would be pleased to help.Barry.

Hi,Found there were No windscreen wipers on any of the vehicles in car Design.or on the lines.Barry.