Car queuing between slots doesn't work right

Car queuing between slots doesn’t work right. If I have slots A B C D for fit body, and ABCD all have cars in process, and the next car will typically go to A, but then often the next car will go to A as well causing a pileup when it should go to B, to balance things out. Oftentimes queuing will see multiple cars at slot A and then no cars at slot B. The cars will always move to an empty slot but once a slot is active then they seem to look for the shortest path to the slot rather than the least number of cars to wait. This causes substantial waste and opportunity cost in move times and delays for cars which could have started sooner if they were in line at the slot with the fewest units rather than the least distance from the previous slot. This is especially wasteful early on when you have to run stations in parallel because of extended process times.

Is this explanation of the way queuing is working at present and why this is causing inefficiency making sense?

Example …

yes, system choose always the shortest path. If you want to equilibrate flow, you have to equilibrate path first. The main conveyor separate in two line. Each two line separate in two other line. There is 4 lines at the end. Bonus, if you want exact equilibation, you have to choose a layout wich give the exact same number of slot conveyor from end of chassis to enter of A or B or C or D.
The layout you choose in the video is good to expand each type of slot in the same time your factory is growing but it’s not the best layout to equilibrate flow.