[Fixed 1.05] [Bug 1.04] Conveyor

I upgraded fit body. I built the new 3 separate stations. I kept the old one going to let it finish with the cars it was working on. So I joined the 2 conveyors going into the paint. But now it is only taking from the new and not alternating.

i don’t know if it makes a difference but I started slowly removing the old input conveyor.

Yikes. Now I think about it…fixing this will be pretty tricky, due to the way the game code works…but I will put it on my list.

Simply alternating 50/50 might not be good enough. For example, in this very situation. The more efficient Fit Body pipeline is going to produce cars faster than the single station, so it will still queue up eventually.

Probably easiest to code is to track which car has been waiting the longest (i.e. each car has a timestamp indicating when it started waiting == went to yellow state), and allow that one first.

Scheduling algorithms are fun!

The algorithm is a pain because there is no ‘code’ in a junction at all. The code is in the vehicles, and the current problem is that in this case, because the order in which slots get processed is fixed, when a gap opens up, the same input slot is always going to be ‘asked’ first if they want to move into the slot. I have ideas on how to fix this (probably in 1.03) and most likely the easiest way is just to start from an arbitrary point in the slot list each ‘tick’ so the effective processing order for inputs to each junction is random.
Hopefully that fixes it, and also probably feels quite realistic.

I have one idea about the conveyor placing.
When i drag a car conveyor from a slot to an other, the slot where i start dragging is opens up it’s details window. (if i click on it as starting point for drag)
It would be great, if I start to drag, this window is not opening, only when short click on a slot.

yes good point, i’'l fix that