Challenge Crash

Tried to send myself a challenge, and game crashes while trying to open. Using my game on Steam and here is the crash log:
Crash Log: GSB2 for Linux

==== STACK TRACE ====

0 GSB2.bin.osx 0x00000001000a0cb7 _ZL11HandleCrashiP9__siginfoPv + 183
1 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x00007fff93d885aa _sigtramp + 26
2 libsystem_malloc.dylib 0x00007fff8e9e5c7c szone_free + 2350
3 GSB2.bin.osx 0x000000010023ca83 _ZN20GUI_ModulePickerIcon10CheckClickEff + 467
4 GSB2.bin.osx 0x00000001001ab93b _ZN14GUI_WindowBase10CheckClickEff + 219
5 GSB2.bin.osx 0x00000001001acaa7 _ZN17GUI_WindowManager10CheckClickEv + 471
6 GSB2.bin.osx 0x00000001000a01bc _Z8mainLoopv + 588
7 GSB2.bin.osx 0x00000001000a08c5 main + 501
8 GSB2.bin.osx 0x0000000100004d04 start + 52

Even if the challenge thing isn’t fixed right away, how do I get the game to start at least?
P.S. Love the old game, love the new game, more than willing to work through the bugs.

Hi, do you mean the game will not launch at all now?
Do you happen to know what version of the game you are running?

1.27, I would get the Steam window preparing to launch… and it would crash. I experimented and emptied the contents of the challengedata folder and the game started right up. I don’t know if that was smart or not, but it worked.

No thats cool, emptying that is entirely harmless. I wish I knew how that could have happened though. Pls post again if you get the same problem (or any other!).