Challenge Spamming

Some people for whatever reason decide that posting their challenge once isn’t enough. So these people post the same challenge several times. Yesterday, someone posted the exact same challenge fifty times. This is a waste of time for people who have to scroll through several pages of the same thing to find a new challenge, not to mention a waste of server space.

There needs to be a way to slow down or stop the challenge spamming.

On possible solution could be adding a timer so that once a new challenge is posted, a user couldn’t post another until 2-5 minutes later. Another idea would be to gray out the post challenge button (unusable) until a change was noticed on the challenge screen. Perhaps you could have code that checks a submitted challenge from the same user within a short time frame that checks for the exact same settings & setup and deletes it or temporarily locks the poster from posting more challenges.

I could see a few reasons :

  • The person tries to send the challenge. The list has not been refreshed, and thus tries to send it again.
  • Their is a problem in the communication between the client and server : The client thinks that the challenge hasn’t reached the server and resends it again and again.
  • Or the person who send it want’s to play its own challenge a few times, and sends it to everybody instead of sending it to himself only.

One solution would be the server to check that that person hasn’t send that exact challenge already (for example it compares it with all challenges send by that person already. To decrease the CPU load, there could maybe be a checksum attached to each challenge. If 2 checksums are the same, then the server compares if the content is exactly the same…)

An other, if we discover that it is the 3rd reason, would be to allow to plays against our own challenges in local only, without having to send it to the server.

The idea of challenge is great, but the system is still very far from being perfect !

wth does AOL have to do with GSB???

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yea. i noticed that after checking the modding thread.