Small problem with online challenges...

I posted a custom challenge (player name RCIX), but i can’t find it. I know it was posted because someone took 4 shots at beating it (and succeeded), but there was no option to go the challenge so i could see the fleet they used, and looking under “Posted challeneges” in the challenges dialog showed me nothing.

am i being an idiot or something?

Ugh, yes i am. I didn’t think to refresh the challenges list! You might want to put a small notice in above the Refresh List button stating that you should refresh it often, to ensure you pick up your own and the newest challenges.

I’d guess that the reason there’s no notice is that people have been using the Refresh button in various Web browsers for long enough that it could be assumed as a widespread reflex by now. :wink:

But I agree that it’s counterintuitive that the list only refreshes when you hit the button and does not refresh on its own (i.e., each time you go to the screen) like a lot of other programs.