Challenge UI filtering

I’d like to throw a few suggestions into the ring regarding the challenges screen, particulary regarding filtering the information. I’m looking forward to the in-game messaging, but a few more functions to filter challenges would be very handy:

  1. This has been mentioned before, but a column allowing players to search by enjoyment rating would be very nice.
  2. I’d REALLY like to see a checkbox for ‘favourite challenges’. I tend to test fleets out against the same seven or eight challenges before posting them; as more challenges are posted it’s becoming more of a pain to search for the same ones over and over again. It would be great if we could compose our own lists of favourite challenges for gratuitous locatability.
  3. Any chance of implementing a map search that would only bring up challenges for that scenario? It can be a bit annoying having to scroll through the whole list to find the Lagoon Nebula challenges, for example.

Anyone have any thoughts / additions?

Related suggestions:

  1. Ignore case in sorting, I don’t want to have to look in two places for a familiar name, because I don’t know if they capitalised or not.
  2. Filter by name (preferably partial, preferably ignoring case)
  3. Filter by map
  4. Filter by race
  5. Sort on multiple criterea (i.e. sort by map, then sort by difficulty.) Better filtering would mostly remove the need for this though.
  6. Sort by attempts/victories ratio