[Challenges] Prevent unfair challenges

Modding is great. It really improve the game experience.
But today, in the challenges, the hi-scores, it is unfair : we cannot really challenge others and know that we are better or not than them.

Prop 1.

I propose to remove the possibility of defining the money limit when creating a challenge.
Instead, the money limit is equal to the total cost of the fleet deployed.
(or to the max of (money limit, total cost))


To prevent a “cheat” : I set money limit to say, 20 000. I mod my modules to cost 0, i create a challenge with a lot of ships with free modules, a fleet that may never be beaten by official ways… Because it’s real cost is, say, 200 000.

Prop 2.

I propose to remove the possibility of posting your score when u used any unofficial materiel, or any modded materiel.
(or posting score in another hiscore table)


To make the hiscores real hiscores, whith a real challenge to beat others…

Prop 3.

I propose to add an option in the challenges : “Only with official material”.
It would prevent anyone to respond to the challenge with unofficial material.


To make real challenges, beatable only with your wits, not with a super-laser 2000K.


This will never happen as the SAME mods on the other persons pc will read the right amount and anything OVER it taken off. Or to my knowlaege of what i have read that is what will happen. As with making certain mod on your side fire faster do more damage. It works for you only as your files are the ones that are changed. Also If anyother player tries to do a challage and they do not have your ship file. Like if i were to make a challage with my super-cruiser, destroyers and corvettes and you don’t have them. you will simply crash to desktop (CTD).

Again this is what I have read in the fourms so it might not be 100% right.

you are rigth and wrong.

Yes i cannot add a new module to my challenge : if u don’t have the module u cannot play the challenge

But that is not what i am saying : i take an existing module, i change the cost to 0 : it lets me place a lot of these modules on the map.

then i post the challenge.

then u download my challenge.

The game does not recalculate the cost of my fleet according to the real cost of modules.
And in your PC, the cost of the modules is the official cost (assuming u didn’t change it too)

It works, i tested it today.


Indeed, see challenge 4590415 this is a very serious problem.

Ah yes yes, I see it now and Yes this is a explot that needs to be cheacked for and fixed right away. It is not fair to the other that attempts this exploted challange and I say anyone that is caught do this shall get punished from now on since we have let the cat outa the bag as to speak. From the date of this thread onward.



its messing up the “competition” so not really helping… mod challenges are often pretty cool,playing with my starwars fleet against other peoples challenges is fun too,but it shouldnt count…
personally im doing it just for fun and i dont really think that the SW ships are truly overpowered, but they are stronger in certain aspects for sure… that alone is enough reason to keep it out of the highscore table… or atleast the “legit” table

I have seen that some of the SW ships have multiply weapon turrets for one slot and they really don’t add more damage as they only fire for looks and nothing more. hek try making a turret and adding six hardpoints to it and then put the plasma luncher on it. I beat only of of the six will shoot.

Anyways I’ll catch you later.

Up next the p38 lighting, and then the b-17 flying fortress to my game.


I think there is two main kind of people who plays for challenges, hi-scores, competition :

  1. People who wants to beat their own hi-scores : few interrest in others hi-scores, they love “training” and less “competition”. For them, no problem, they will love this game, with or without cheat.

  2. People who wants to beat others : high interrest in competition, they want to “beat” others. Their game experience is spoiled by the possibility of cheating.

(well, their is maybe 3) People who wants to beat others unfairly, but i think it is a minority :slight_smile: )

(not native english speaker, sorry for the mistakes)

As far as the interaction between mods and the survival mission scoreboards goes, might it be possible for the game to have an internal high score board - say 10 slots or so? It would be of benefit to group 1 above, and it would keep at least some modders off the main scoreboards (for myself, I like seeing the obnoxiously high scores I can pull off with some of my homegrown stuff, but I don’t feel the need to have it on the main boards). Possibly some way to share the scores on your comp might fix the problem for group 2 above.

As for group 3, well, there will always be a few who either a) don’t care that they mess with other people’s fun, or b) mess with other people’s fun on purpose. You can’t get away from them unfortunately.

Indeed, as my experience with Modding Warfare 2 proves…

(Yes, I came up with that nickname when a friend was complaining to me about all the hackers/modders on Live multiplayer in MW2. He liked it, and spread it to his friends. One thing I like about GSB: Cliff takes completely unfair challenges seriously, unlike Xbox Live and hackers/modders…)

It would be nice if were able download fleets that beat your challenge. Availble automaticlly at the end of every match. I find it interesting that you see some peeps who win all the time, but you never see a challege or retaliatiom from them.