Checking for patches (lying to us)


Game bug reproduction sequence:

  1. Load the game.
  2. Hmm… “Checking for patches”, this is taking a long time.
  3. Found anything yet?
  5. Still checking…
  6. Still checking…
  7. Still checking…
  8. Ah! A patch has been ‘found’. LIES!!! It was downloading it the entire time!

Suggestion: Add feedback to indicate that a patch has been found and that it’s downloading. Use the same progress bar as on GSB.


yes I will do this for the next patch. For tedious reasons, it’s not as simple as it sounds.


:slight_smile: Actually, I rather enjoy the morse code… :slight_smile:




Could make a good ‘text message received’ sound for your phone…


Least it actually downloaded this time for me… just a tad annoying I had to open up netlimiter to make sure it was doing so.

Long as it dls though, I’ll live. We all must make do with a little less to win this war :stuck_out_tongue:


Fear not, this is fixed in the next version, though obviously you won’t then realise it until the version after that :smiley:


Please excuse my ignorance. How does the patching system work?


The game checks daily for a patch, if you have entered your serial code, and it downloads and runs them automatically if needed.