Conveyor Highlighting


Can we please have a toggle for the effect that occurs when placing Resource conveyor sections? (The toggle could simply be clicking the Resource Conveyor in the Slot dialog - click the Conveyor, see where conveyors are currently placed).

It would be useful to be able to see the current placement without having to (pretend to) start placing them.

Input and Output stockpiles on slots (especially Make slots) could be slightly different shades to distinguish them.

A further enhancement would be to show the utilisation of conveyor segments using colour (e.g. Red = constant usage, white = no usage, green = medium).

For extra credit :slight_smile: the idea of clicking a Slot type in the popup could be extended to highlight all slots the same types already placed? (and/or related types i.e. click Paint => highlight Paint Undercoat, Dry Undercoat, etc)

Note: I’m spending far too much time playing this game :slight_smile:


Hey b0red0y,

maybe you want to take a look into this ‘Conveyorbelt income arrow’ topic:
Some of your ideas are related to the ideas mentioned there or may expand them.
Please take a look into Cliffs ‘Lets talk about resource conveyors’ topic:

Yeah, this would be really nice but I would prefer a view you can select even without placing any type of conveyor.

Yep, but I’m not a friend of shapes … bet clear symbols …

Good point but that means utilisation in relation to maximum capacity e.g. per hour so you may see bottlenecks in resource movements.

Maybe better a separate overview of all stations grouped by slot type and sorted as in production sequence …

Kind regards


Which is what I want - click the conveyor, see the current tracks.

Unless you mean click to display the tracks, and click to add a station while still displaying the tracks? I like that - best of both worlds…

So the Conveyor toggle is not mutually exclusive with the Slot toggles…

I said shades, not shapes? I’m guessing you’d prefer shapes? I agree though - shapes would be better for the colour-blind among us, too…

All input piles should be the one shape; all output piles another shape…

As long as it’s a rolling hour (or whatever interval) that’s good, but it must not reset to zero utilisation at the beginning of every hour like some of the stats seem to…

You can have that if you want (that could be shown by including the number of each slot on the Slot Selector, actually) :slight_smile: but I want to be able to see exactly where my Fit Axles stations are on the floor plan, so I can replace them properly with Fit Front Axle etc.


Ah, ok, different ideas … you want to see the stations within the simplified alternate view of the factory and I meant a totally separate overview just of the stations so no need to count them if you want to know they are enough …
So good point :slight_smile: