Crash on "Fight" load

Display Adapter: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX
Driver Version: (Updated this morning, yes I rebooted the PC)
Directx Version: 9.0c (4.09.0000.9040)

Error on Fight…

Here is the debug error, it may be useless, but its all I could find…

This crash occurs when I attempt to press the “Fight” button from any challenge or campaign map. I thought it was my video card driver, but after an update the issue still occurs. Is there something else I should have installed?

Same happening to me, have a navidia 7800 not sure on drivers, but i upgraded last month.

Could you go into ‘options’ and turn off the menu battles, then quit and restart the game and say if it then works? I have one player who fixed it by doing that.
Weirdly not everyone has this problem, so it must be some weird combination of stuff.

Thanks for the quite reply. That did the trick for this issue.

I do also have the same crash issues. But understanding the pattern is not obvious. Here are the following steps I have followed.
I do have a XP media center edition, SP3.
Asus F3JA
Intel® Core™2 CPU
T5600 @ 1,83 GHz
1,83 Ghz 2,00 GO of RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600

I installed the game (not under an admin cession, so I had to specifically run the installer as admin).
The game crashed when pressing the “fight!” button.

I rebooted my competer an opened an admin cession.
The game ran smoothly. But I lost the battle. Damned.

I played a bit with the options (screen resolution, full screen, removed the motion blur, which I didn’t like). The game crashed on fight.

I have trying to go back to previous set up. (except motion blur) The game crashed on fight.

I uninstalled - reinstalled (I was still under admin cession)

I noticed that my previous option selection had not restaured to the original (motion blur was off.

The game crashed with all options on or off.

Rebooted under user account.
Game crashed.

removed all options. Game crahsed

With option removed, reduced resoltion, and played without full screen.
It worked !

Options back.
It worked

Full resolution and not full screen. It crashed.


Try Cliffski’s suggestion of removing the “Menu Battle” options and then RESTART. Once you’ve restarted, if this is the same issue, then you should be able to start a Fight without any problems.


Had the same problem, turning off “menu battles” helped.

8800GT (186.18)
2 Gb Ram

Very nice game design by the way, like it a lot.