Creating New Countries/Voter Groups

Is there any chance of a tutorial in the future about modding new countries and/or voter groups?

Are there any plans to add more countries to the full (official) game?

countries can be added just by adding a new text file with the correct name. I’ll try and get some information together on what the different values mean.

I am modding a country and have a question…

What is the purpose of the matrix file that accompanies each mission (country)?

the matrix file contains data on all the group memberships of each person. If one doesnt exist, it gets generated. The reason I do this is so that there is a consistant distribution of groups whenever you play that map. so for modding purposes, you dont need to create one.

However if you want to go into detail and want to create specific societies it is probably a good thing to create a tailored one for a specific country. In the case of EU I would want to decrease the Patriots to a minimum because no one feels as a European. Also, I would want to decrease the number of motorists because IMO they are a strong commercial lobby but they are irrelevant as a part of the voters (seriously, this was an issue in the 1960s in the USA when speeding limits and seatbelts were enacted, nowadays we decide who to vote for for totally different issues)

How many lines is minimum to make a sufficient distribution and am I right in assumnig that such changes are possible?

yes the mtx file is just text and easily edited, the only problem is it is very big. what you can do is edit the votertypes.csv. the fourth column is th population distribution per group. and the last few columns control the extent to which people can be in several groups at a time (you can see that liberals cannot be conservatives for example).
If you edit this file, then generate the mtx, you can then use that mtx and put the old values back.
There are some voter group sizes that are altered in another way, and these are from the mission file itself, but Im assuming youve seen those?

:stuck_out_tongue: I feel as a european.

But I get what you mean.

There are EU “patriots”… I guess you can call them europhiles who want a central European Union and everything to be standardized. I know that these types exist. I suggest that you create two different voter groups (if possible). Euroskeptic and Europhile. Euroskeptics being the group that is against the European Union and wants to seperate and Europhiles being those all in favour of a European Union central nation.

On a side note, I definatley hope that a European Union nation doesn’t become a reality. In fact I would prefer that the EU be abolished entirely. I guess I would be a euroskeptic.

Yes. They’re called National Socialists. “United Europe with a common currency…” Hitler’s dream. :wink:

name etc.
matrix = data/missions/mission13.mtx
unemployment = 0.6
povertyrate = 1
militaryspending = 0.15
Socialist = 0.20
Capitalist = 0.15
Retired = 0.05
Commuter = 0.03
Patriot = 0.31
Motorist = 0.02
Liberal = 0.13
Religious = 0.89
TradeUnionist = 0.20
SelfEmployed = 0.20
Environmentalist = 0.02
Wealthy = 0.03
Poor = 0.83
MiddleIncome = 0.11
Parents = 0.74
Drinkers = 0.41
Smokers = 0.32
Farmers = 0.55
StateEmployees = 0.12
Conservatives = 0.68
flag etc.

How come I still only get 15% farmers and 30+% motorists?

Me to even served in the Army because of it

The reason initial values don’t seem to match what you see is that those are only ‘starting’ values. The policies you have in place at the start of the game are ‘back projected’ so that they also have an effect. So changing those policies will be needed if you want less motorists.

IntelligenceServices, 0

So how would I go about in creating a “developing country” with high percentage of farmers and poor, low percentage of middle and high income, as well as a quite low amount of car usage/owners?

(maybe a slider for “Infrastructure” could be of value here as well, affecting GDP and perhaps Internet use etc. perhaps something in the line of what is in Kudos with three separate values [Transport, Health&Sanitation, Communication] would be suitable?)

Okey, I’ve noticed two categories that corelate to change now, but one has to change the name of “Religious” to “Religion” instead. Since I didn’t find “Religion” in VoterTypes I assume there must be another file, but that the names should be changed.

Socialist = ?
Capitalist = ?
Retired = ?
Commuter = ?
Patriot = ?
Motorist = ?
Liberal = ?
Religious = Religion
TradeUnionist = ?
SelfEmployed = ?
Environmentalist = Environmentalist
Wealthy = ?
Poor = ?
MiddleIncome = ?
Parents = ?
Drinkers = ?
Smokers = ?
Farmers = ?
StateEmployees = ?
Conservatives = ?

I’m trying to mod Bangladesh (copied from the EU). This is what I’ve got so far (much of this is unchanged from the EU stats):

population = 8000.00
debt = 14690
wealth = 0.7
name = Bangladesh
matrix = data/missions/mission13.mtx
unemployment = 0.5784
militaryspending = 0.1
environmentalist = 0.02
religion = 0.2
flag = flag_eu.bmp
startmessage = “Congratulations! You have been elected by the people of Bangladesh as Prime Minister for the next 5 years. Bangladesh currently has a moderate public debt and the government currently has a spending deficit. There are a number of problems and situations that already demand your attention.”
currency = “Tk”
termlength = 5

texture = “eu.bmp”
name = “Bangladesh”
population = “150 million”
unemployment = “8,7%”
termlength = “5 years”
debt = “46.7% of GDP”


0 = “Shabab”
1 = “Abrar”
2 = “Naveed”
3 = “Iqbal”
4 = “Muhammad”
5 = “Jawed”

0 = “Monika”
1 = “Khaleda”
2 = “Safaa”
3 = “Zafreen”
4 = “Zareen”
5 = “Dipa”

0 = “Hussain”
1 = “Chowdhury”
2 = “Khan”
3 = “Rahman”
4 = “Ahmed”
5 = “Karim”[/code]

Can I get some help for the rest?

Socialist = ?
Capitalist = ?
Retired = ?
Commuter = ?
Patriot = ?
Motorist = ?
Liberal = ?
Religious = Religion
TradeUnionist = ?
SelfEmployed = ?
Environmentalist = Environmentalist
Wealthy = ?
Poor = ?
MiddleIncome = ?
Parents = ?
Drinkers = ?
Smokers = ?
Farmers = ?
StateEmployees = ?
Conservatives = ?

So in the mission file, anyone have any idea what one should write in order to change for instance “SelfEmployed” to 63% etc.?

Is it possible to screw up the votertypes.csv file, because I think I did, because now Democracy wont play after I choose a country and in the crash report, it says that votertypes.csv is the problem