Whenever I try to modd the VoterTypes.csv file (change the number of people in different groups), the changes are recorded (when I revisit the file it’s the same way I left it), but when I open the game to test, It’s still with the original values…

Also, what do the numbers in the 7th column mean ?

Democracy generates a matrix of voters for each mission, based on the percentages, and stores it as a mtx file. If you rename that mtx file (or delete it, but back it up first) as I recall it should generate a new one, with the new percentages.

The 7th column numbers are the default happiness values for the group. Poor people start off miserable, because most policies tend to make them happier. Drinkers start off happier, because most policies upset them, etc.

Wow, a reply within 4 minutes :slight_smile:

Anyway, I tried it and it “almost” worked, except it always kept screwing up the environmentalists, setting them at 0.00% …

Also, in the missionX text document, what do militaryspending, environmentalist, religion and wealth mean ?

I’m guessing militaryspending is the starting value of that policy, but why is it in [config] and not in [policies] ?

And would you be kind enough to also answer my post in the Rock Legend modding forum ?

wealth is the relative wealth of the country, which determines how much all the number get scaled by.