Cross-Bodystyle Trim Levels and/or Feature Packages

Many big car companies have set of 5-6 trim levels that they use for the majority of their vehicles, with a few extra at the very top or very bottom of the line. These trim levels typically correspond to packages of features that cars have and relative luxury between the models. Example: Most of Dodge’s performance line (3-4 cars) is SE > SXT > R/T > SRT, and their other cars are mostly SE > SXT > GT. Ford’s cars are S > SE > ( SEL ) > Titanium > ST / Platinum / LImited > ( SHO ). There’s some faffing about with special editions and plux/max/turbo, but the base trims are the same.

When I’m creating my product lines, I typically use 0 - 4 to correspond with Nothing - Everything. What would be helpful is having the ability to bottle up what features are in “A2” vs “A3” and simply assign it to a bodystyle. So at that point, all I have to do is run through one bodystyle’s (e.g. sedan) worth of feature selection and save the feature sets of each model as a package. Then, for SUVs, I can preload the feature sets from the sedan and quickly have my five models ready for production.

Essentially, it’d be a new object containing a list of selected features. Then on the model GUI, above the feature list, you’d have a dropdown labeled “Trim Level” or “Package” that would list all user-created packages and a button beside it saying “Reset” or “Set To”, which would overwrite whatever was there before. Alternately, below the feature list, there’d be a “Save As Package” button, pops up a textbox ok/cancel, which saves whatever is currently selected as a Package.

For example (awwww we breakin’ out the Excel):

Clearly over time I want to get to the point where I have all techs and have applied them to the appropriate product lines. The “Package” feature would allow me to bundle up each thing I need for a given product line from the various technologies and propagate it easily.