Semi finished products

Hi, and thank you for a wonderful game so far!

I’m really missing a feature though so here goes.

I think it should be possible to send semi finished product into a workstation that completes the job. for example:

Right now when you fit body these are the options:

Chassis assamply --> Fit body --> paint

Chassis assamply --> fit body frame --> fit Roof --> fit doors --> paint
(And they all go a level deeper)

If you fit body frame, you can still put the car through Fit body, and the Fit Body station will finish the Fit body, and move the car on to pain. But it will fit the body frame again even though you already did. I think the Fit body station should only finish the operations that haven’t already been done.

So that if you put you car through fit body frame and then into fit body it skips the “fit Rollcage” Fit hood, fit trunk, ect.ect" and just start with the "fit roof step and reduce time/ressources spending per car accordingly as they were already paid for in the “fit body station”