CTD "Every Player Ship Design Deleted" 374 and 409 error

So far I’ve had nothing but problems with this game. I had to set back my clock and turn off menu battles to get the game running.

Then at the deployment screen, I delete all of the other “prebuilt” ship designs and try to make my own, only to have the game crash giving me this error:

“Every Player Ship Design Deleted \src\SIM_ShipDesign.cpp 375”

Then if I go from the main menu into “Ship Design” I get a similiar crash, except this error says:

“No Selectable Ship Designs \src\SIM_ShipDesign.cpp 409”

I’d imagine reinstalling would fix it, and to not delete the prebuilt ship designs would fix it, but I would like to know if there is a way around it.

Let me know if you need any specs or info, I didn’t think it was my hardware, but will post if needed.


NVM, I see it’s been posted that its fixed in the sticky:

  1. Crash when you delete every ship design you have, and then go into the ship design screen (a new empty ship design is auto-created in this instance now)

Sorry, should of looked harder :frowning: