Custom Colour Schemes???

I don’t know if this has been suggested before but it seems like a great idea to me. Choose your own ship colours. Maybe even design your own space empire insignia for your ships. It would be great especially for recognising players in multilayer.

I just hope it would be compatible with the current graphics set-up.

What do the elite space admirals of GSB think?

is a great and bad idea at the same time, why? it’s a bad idea because each race has a diferent colouring with the prupose of make them more different and, if u think like a fighter pilot in the middle of a super big dogfight with thousands of fighters everywere, flying at super fast speeds, firing incredible huge quantities of bullets flying with explosions and shockwaves everywere, you need a way to identify easy the allieds form the enemies, how? different color schemes, because, if I were that, I do not distract me trying to identify the dots dots allies enemies on the screen of my sonar system… and with all of those dangers mentioned, i consider a stupid waste time thinking on if that fighter in my sight has a allied pyramidal or a enemy rhomboidal shape.

But, it is a GREAT idea if the only customizable part is one or two lines painted on the hull, and maybe with a badge somewere. I WANT THAT!!!

on a similar train of thought…

can we have ship names actually printed on the ships?

I could go for a stripe and emblem, but one must consider how much work it would take for the artist that made the designs to enable that. Just putting a ‘layer’ over the current ships could lead to graphics bugs, but then this idea is a can of worms for cliffski anyway. Doesn’t make it a bad idea, just a tough one.

Yes, custom color schemes would be awesome, as would insignias, though the insignias might be a little tougher to do. Allowing people to upload their own insignias would be all fine and dandy, at least until some dumbass posts a challenge fleet online with porn all over his ships…

LOL i will be the first idiot doing that xD