Some new ship design tweaks incoming...

I just blogged about what I’ve been working on, specifically some of the ship design stuff that has been problematic… … pre-built/

Thanks. Any chance we will have pre made color scheme?

I gotta admit, if I am to spend a few hours on a fleet it is going to be on number crunching and fine tuning, not on outer appearances. Some of us are just not that artistic and simply want to shoot at stuff with a strong fleet.

“This now acts as a half-measure between those people who couldn’t be bothered to design at all, and those who spend hours adjusting each fin.”

Here’s an idea that would allow for entirely pre-baked ships while hopefully not requiring days and days of work - why not just make the visual layouts the AI uses for the campaign available for each hull? A lot of people have been asking for the ability to save entire ship layouts so they can then be ported over to a version of the same hull but with different modules. IF you choose to implement this feature, it couldn’t be too hard to just have the campaign visuals as an already existing saved layout for each hull, could it? Feel free to yell at me if I’m wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: