D3A questions

So a few question on the standalone game, Democracy 3 Africa

  • mods: how is determinded which one work from D3 and which not? I have subscribed to a few (around 5), and only 2 load up.

-Something that has been buggering me for hours: The agricultural society achievement. I can not get it. Yet somehow 30% of people have it.

I do all the things people suggest: telecommuting to lower urbanism. Lower science, infrastructure and education. I stop foreign aid as much as possible to leave the infrastructare as bad as possible. Combat agricultural efficiency, mainly by reducing equally. Implement policies that help farmers but not efficiency (like vertical farms)

And yet Urbanism just negates everything I throw at it. After two turns the membership drops sharply to around 30-35%, and then slowly diminishes it.

Its driving me bonkers, can anyone who got it make suggestions?