Damage overlays of Awesomeness

Here’s the texture you use:
btw, it’s tile-able.
Step one, you paste the texture upon a layer:

Step two, you select a jagged-ish shape that feels right like this:

Step three, you invert the selection (don’t need to show you this).
Step four, you feather the selection by around 25-40 pixels, it’s really your choice:

Step five, you press the delete button:

Step six, you add a new layer, but keep that selection on (don’t need to show you this).
Step seven, you grow the selection by a further 2-4 pixels until it feels right:

Step eight, you feather that selection by about 20-35 pixels until it feels right:

Step nine, you bucket fill the selection on the new layer I told you to make before and select none:

Step ten, you remove the alpha channel from that top layer (the black one):

Step eleven, you erode it about 2-3 times until it feels right:

Step twelve, you colour to alpha (white) it:

Step thirteen, you fuzzy select the back layer and feather it by 20-30 pixels:

Step fourteen, you select the black (top) layer without deselecting the selection and you press the delete button:

Step fifteen, you select none and merge the two layers together (don’t need to show you this).
Step sixteen, you autocrop the layer and use the “Whirl and Pitch” filter (adjust the settings until you are pleased by the result. Note, you can have it look anyway you like, you don’t have to keep it like what I did):

And, done!
Here are some examples of what this method can achieve:

OMFG!! THAT IS… Terrible, imageshack frogs EVERYWARE!!! xD
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Looking fine for me :slight_smile: I do rather like the flame effect here. I might have to combine this technique with coinich’s one at some distant future time.

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That is hilarious… It’s sooo awesome! <kemp, play along with it> You don’t know what you’re missing here!

I didn’t know about feathering; still trying to work it in my method as well, thanks!

the base image looks… like molten cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

Miracle!! i can see the images ^^

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He’s referring to this.

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