Debt Crisis too big of an effect?

I may be wrong, but I believe the debt crisis effect is way too large.
Practically every nation is entangled in a massive debt crisis, and politicians still manage to get reelected.
For me, I have 60 percent approval rating, then the debt crisis happened, and now I have 4 percent.
Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

Are you referring to the debt crisis situation that triggers in the game? (as opposed to the economic effects of debt affecting interest rates). If so, it is definitely meant to be close to catastrophic and represent the near-certain end-game for your party. The effect of the crisis is supposed to represent greece/italy/iceland at their worst, or maybe even zimbabwe. You should get ample warning that you are heading in that direction before it happens, nd the trick in the game is not to climb out from the debt crisis (VERY hard), but to make absolutely sure you never trigger it :smiley: