Isn't debt crisis a bit OP and under-powered at same time?

So, this is just after my first game, but currently as I played, it felt like Debt Crisis is something you cannot recover from, I tried every approach, from most drastic cuts to my spending, to taxing… well, everything, and whist I feel like Debt Crisis can be something that literally destroy ruling parties in certain countries, it haven’t really occurred in my game, I just instead made UK a dictatorship and got reelected time and time again with 99% support. So, I feel like I should be able to do… something, about that.

I feel like you either need a way to deal with it with more normal means (Ie. Bailout from IMF perhaps?) There also should be more drastic dictatorial options (Trying to create an Autarky after a debt default?) If not, maybe if GDP reaches literally 0% there should be some massive uproar or such? Because right now, it feels a bit… half baked, you are supposed to be really screwed, but nothing really happens. So you can ignore entire economy aspect of the game, more or less.

I guess this could be fixed by having the debt crisis make other policies less effective, since there is quite literally no money left to fund anything if you don’t outright print it, an also to make the penalties on voter groups much more severe.

I think the International Bailout is a good Idea, but like it is in real life should be tied to implement Reforms.
In the game this could be implemented like this: You need to set the sliders of certain industries below a certain point, indicated by an icon like when you make an electoral pledge, as austerity measures and need to privatize all industry, then you get a significant Debt Cut by the International Lenders (30% maybe) and your Rating increases.

I don’t know if this is possible with the game’s engine though.

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That sounds pretty good, to be honest, I just hope there will be more then one option to deal with it, but yeah.
Coming to think of it, I think that you also maybe could have it easier/get lighter conditions if you have high international relationships (To show that big countries are more willing to be kind/helpful to you.) Or maybe if you have really good relationship with them, they could be the ones that are helping with the Bailout, though that would require waaayyy more of new systems, so I guess it isn’t as feasible as other stuff.

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