Default Weight for Hulls

Does anyone know any funny tricks to give hulls a default weight value?
Right now they all seem to have a default of 1.00 weight.

Not that I’m aware of. Hulls are handled as the sum of the weight of the modules you load aboard it. There is no WEIGHTBOOST bonus variable, you see…for now, anyway.

One could mod different Weight values to a particular set of modules intended for that hull’s use. One could instead give that hull a SPEEDBOOST bonus that is a negative number. The method you choose and the extent to which you employ it will depend on your ultimate purpose for the change in ship’s speed, which is what I am assuming you’re after.

Yup, u cant modify the default weight of a ship. That number is calculated, as the mate said, with the sum of the modules abouard and the ship class (cruiser, frigate, fighter).

Weight only affects, as far as i know to the final speed of the ship, so if u want a “heavy” ship, just put the speedboost with negative numbers. For example, in my mod i wanted 2 cruisers be without shields, i changed the values integrityboost and armourboost to high positive numbers, and shield to high negative numbers (so even if u put 5 shield modules u will dont get any shield). And if u want for example to make a static defense station, do the same thing with the speedboost, so even if u put 5 engines, that defense station will never move -.-

Okay. Thanks for the quick response, guys.

It wasn’t that I wanted a slow ship – I was hoping to fix the weight of different classes of cruisers at a default rate and then reduce the weight of engines to 0, so that the listed thrust value would actually correlate to a speed boost, more or less directly, instead of requiring a user to do math with the thrust and weight of the engine to determine efficiency himself.

It was part of an overarching project to make the UI in the game simpler and more user friendly.