democracy 2

Hi. I just played the demo of democracy 2 and I really love it so I’m going to buy it. While I was playing though, it seemed really slow when it’s on the main screen with all the circles. The pointer takes a long time to move around the screen. Is there anyway to speed it up? It seems to move at a decent speed on all the other screens…is it just my computer? Thanks.

Go into the config under computer and open it up with a word document program and set force fallback to 0.

I had this problem too and set it to zero and it worked…but created a new problem, all the color is messed up and the left screen has a messed up color version of the political people like the loading screen and the right has a black backgroung, however I can go to the start page and the colors appear normal, just in playing the game.

Oh, I forgot to write [prefs] in the config file.