Democracy 3?

Will there be a Democracy 3?

cliffski, what are your thoughts on this subjuct matter?

Were then anything that you would have added, removed or done differently to D2 if you had more time?

But unfortunately it takes forever to put together stuff like this. I haven’t finished tweaking democracy 2 yet (not by a long stretch) and I hope to be mroe active regarding modding support and extra content once I’ve got the game playing exactly as it should. I’m currently trying to build in some concept of voter complacency and differing levels of voter cynicism to the game.
I would change so much and expand so much given infinite resources and coding time. The game could have tons more economic complexity, include the media, personal relationships with ministers, war! allsorts! Plus I’d like to really simulate individual voters with far greater granularity and sophistication so each worked in a certain industry etc.