Democracy 4 Developer Blog #35: Russian and Polish



There is no way to link those youtube comments, but this guy with wall of text comments has nice suggestions:

Halving all impact on simulation values - that is all policies, simulations and situations should have 2x smaller maximum impact on GDP, Education, Crime and few other simulations.

Wealthy, Religious and possibly Patriots always having huge impact on what you do.
Essentially there would be international pressure groups, that would cause situations or suggest addition/removal/change of policies.

Yup, I just read that. very interesting, although also a ton of work! I do agree with him that more foreign policy and political capital mechanics would be interesting additions.


BTW, when ya brought up that “nobody cares” about the simulation of power generation in a country… somebody does, b/c there’s a mod for it!

It’s not optimized in the sense of minimizing policy spam / situation spam, but it’s pretty mechanically well-done and pretty balanced.

It’s main feature is adding in an Electricity Supply & Demand tracker. It will cycle up and down based on numerous factors. As you supply more energy (via more coal or renewables or hydro or being more efficient or nuclear or oil or natural gas - all are simulated separately) it goes up, which reduces energy prices, which helps alleviate poverty. But as your economy spikes up, more electric vehicles hit the roads, and technology advances, power demand goes up too.

So as a player you have to make tough choices, which is neat. Not likely suitable for the main game as there’s too many policies & new trackers/bubbles. But you might have fun playing with the mod off-camera :slight_smile:

OMG its so awesome someone has done this. Ha. I would love the game to be so easy to mod we had multiple variation on ideas like this. Its a priority for once all the countries are in and long term balance is addressed better.

Yeah! I hope you enjoy playing with a mod a bit off-camera sometime :wink: Props to the modmaker of course for creating it!