Democracy All mods and dilemmas

Just noticed this beutiful game and Downloaded the demo - Hooked in matter of seconds.

But now that I see that this game have been out for a loooong time and I even see that alot of mods were made 2 years ago.
With so many diffirent dilemmas and mods here on the forum So I was just wondering if we could place all of the in one singel topic like a gigantic smorgasbord of dilemmas and mabey just slip them in to one gigantic patch.

And some new dilemmas to be added. 2006 - 2009 thats 3 years…alot of things has happend. The second Iraq war, Afganisthan, Northkorea, The bank crisis.

Comming from Sweden I’m well informed in “The Pirate-bay buissines”. It would be funny to put this in to a dilemma in the game. for example.

“The Pirate-bay buissines”
“Allow filesharing” which Socialist, Liberals and Poor likes.
“Outlaw Filesharing” which Capitalist, Self employed and Wealthy likes.

Effects - How much is up the the mod creator!

(If Allowed)
Internet access rises (More music to the harddrives!)
Literacy rises (more books to Download)
Equality rises (information to everyone)
Unemployment rises (Artist aren’t getting jobs)
Productivit goes down (less artist and so fort)
GPD goes down -but this is very debatable-
Crimes lowers (people arn’t getting busted for filesharing things)

(If outlawed)
Internet access Lowers
Literacy lowers
euqality lowers
unemployment goes down
production goes up
GPD goes up -as said earlier very debatable
Crimes goes up

These are just proposals by all means make more.

Send troops to the front (Send soldiers to the war in Iraq or Afganisthan).
“Send in the troops” Liked by Patriots, Conservatives, Capitalist, Self Emploeyd.
“Don’t send the troops” Liked by Parents, Liberals, Everyone, Socialist

(Send in the troops)
GPD goes up
Emplyoment goes down (Fresh meet to the grinders)
equality goes down
Car usage goes down
Lifespand goes down
Poverty goes up (People die and familys are left without Mothers and Fathers)

(Don’t send the troops)
Lifespand goes up
Equality goes up
Productivity up
Car usage up
Air qualtiy down

And as stated further up (these are just proposals)