Smiley's Mods (Democracy 1)


I’ll post all my mods here that I upload. I’ve only just started so, any ideas & suggestions are welcome.

I’ve learnt how to do dilemmas, and successfully played around with policies, so any policy ideas you have I may beable to do them.

I’ve done 3 dilemmas up to now… … … …

New Policy

Asylum mod:
Brief: Allow asylum seekers into your country, grow liberal & socialist support for your government. …

FINALLY the Socialists like me abit :laughing:

[b][color=blue] :laughing: In my games, I always get the full support of the socialists, conservatives & the patriots.

The liberals always hate me, however. But that MIGHT have something to do with my support of the death penalty and national service and other borderline-fascist hidden tendencies I’m finding out through-out the game :laughing:

Which gives me another idea for a policy. Corporal punishment for schools. Also… a “smoking ban” in public places, a “smacking ban” – and of course, licensing extensions (pubs being open at a later time). OK it strangely gave me a few ideas.

I’ll have them done by tomorrow. :mrgreen:

You know something… I’ve only been playing this game a day. Only bought it yesterday. I love it! I’m going to buy Democracy 2 on Monday.[/b]

New dilemma:
Ban smoking in public places …

New dilemma:
Ban smacking children …

New policy: Corporal punishment …

New dilemma:
Drinking laws – later closing times for alcohol establishments? …

p.s: My corporal punishment mod could possibly fix having to have compulsory “creationism” policy, as the religious schools favour corporal punishment.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go through the mods DreamTwister had, and I’ll try my best to re-create them. I’m going to have a gander at events and such now.

Last one for tonight.

Here’s my version of DreamTripper’s Cultural Subsidies mod;

New Policy:
Subsidise museums, theatres, art galleries & national parks to encourage the growth of culture & literacy. …

OK I lied :blush:

New policy
Immigration tax (setting up a U.S based system for economic migrants… pay your way into the country!) …

GREAT!!! I’m downloading all of them. Except might not put that smacking ban in on my United Kingdom game, smacking and mildly punishing children is what makes them behave I think. Not being cruel of course.

Immigration tax! great :smiley: How does that work in a Country, like people having to be taxed for immigration or like immigrant having to pay your way into the country.

I think the corperal punishment one is a good idea, :smiley: I am bringing that one in. I like the alcohol restrictions thing aswell, basically, my United Kingdom is practially Fascist(well quite Authoritarian anyway 8) ). My current alcohol policy on ‘STRONG RESTRICTIONS’.

I find it hard to please Socialists at the same time as pleasing Conservatives and patriots. :confused: Socialists are all for equallity and Conservatives are all for the middle-class.

[color=blue]Well the smacking ban is a dilemma, so if you put it in, all you have to do is click “do not ban”, and you’ll please the parents and the conservatives.

Oh yes so it is :slight_smile:

What did you do? Do you choose more Socialist favoured or Conservative favoured decsions?

[b][color=blue]The socialists never have a problem with me for some reason. I always have their full support. But I believe in helping our own, so no problem there.

It’s the liberals I mainly piss off. National service, death penalty for serious crimes, large military, police force & intelligence services, no foreign aid, tight immigration controls.

Takes a few elections to start turning, though, cos my first priority is to get the debts into the green and sort out the pollution problem!

Oh and the immigration tax is more closing the gates of immigration and only allowing economic migrants in. This upsets the trade unionists and the poor, as it encourages illegal immigration – but it increases your revenue as the economic migrants are taxed for entry into the country, and then the work they do here goes towards GDP. [/b]

This is my fourth term;

Your United Kingdom sounds alot like mine :smiley: I also have tight boarders, no foreign aid, and quite police inforced. I basically have everything inforced to reduce crime :laughing: which makes it quite authoritarian.

I mainly piss liberals off :laughing: Liberals and motorists; motorists because of my outragious car and petrol tax, aswell as massive investment into public transport at the cost of the roads budget. Hardly anyone uses a car lol :laughing:

I got rid of the environmental crisis quite quickly, by just simply taking as much money out of motorcars and putting it into pollution controls as possible. However this can be really expensive and I’m now in huge debt :confused: :laughing:

Looks alot like mine, except your much richer lol :laughing: Your doing much better than me

[color=blue]I renamed it to ‘Great Britain’ 8)

Why’s that then? Have you de-evolved Scotland or became a Republic? :laughing:

Nope. “United Kingdom” just sounds too politically correct and girly. It also encourages devolution because it suggests Britain is made up of different countries.

I still hold the view that Britain is one nation.

Great Britain takes me back to the days of Britain as a superpower. I’ve expanded the military and intelligence services, re-established national service.

I love playing on games like Civilization III & Imperial Glory, as Great Britain colonizing the world.

I have strong Royalist roots (well, bound to coming from the County of York!)