Design variety pack

Could any one let me know whether the “design variety pack” shows up as a mod like the “doors that go like this” pack does?

I have bought the base game and both dlcs from GOG. They are showing as installed, but I don’t have the switch design button in the car design area.

Many thanks


Hi there,

I can check for mine in two spots.
When I open the game screen and click on Mods.
All of the mods I have installed are green.
2 of these are in game mods and 2 are the DLC.

Secondly if you look in the bottom right corner of the same screen.
You can see Positechs logos for both DLC purchases.
The gray SUV is the variety pack and the red sports car is the Doors DLC.

I can post how to check for it in you folders as well if you need it.

Hi Darxxus

Many thanks for looking. I don’t have the design dlc showing up in either place, just the doors dlc. Using GOG galaxy it claims the design dlc is installed and fully up to date (1.81d). Disabling GOG Galaxy and installing from .exes gives me the same result as well. Looking in the folders I can’t see anything that looks like the design dlc. In the content folder (…\Production Line\content) I only have a single folder called “dlc1” and the associated .txt file.

I’ll keep trying things and see if I can get anywhere. Thanks again for looking.

I’m seeing the same problem with my GOG purchased DLC. I’ve created a ticket with them Request #660911