Where's "The Order" on Steam

I’m not sure why Steam is taking so long, but I would like to try out the newer race. I also cannot play certain challenges due to the lack of the Expansion. I should have just ordered them all from ImpulseDriven.com, my mistake.

Does anyone have an ETA or why Steam hasn’t updated their Download option?

Now I’m just kicking myself. Some of you are thinking I should order directly from Cliff. Question, if I do, is it a digital download? And could I always download multiple times? I tend to reinstall Windows annually.

You can download as much as you like if you buy direct. If it ever gets blocked, you can email me and I just unblock it. And yes, it is a digital download.
I’ve been around longer than steam and I’m not going anywhere :smiley:
Steam have the files, I don’t have an ETA for it. I suspect GDC has introduced a delay for new game releases for them.

They are just to busy trolling the world, to just release small games/patches/dlcs

Hey, guess what just appeared on Steam.