a few suggestions


I have played 1.07 for a few hours and a wanted to give some feedback on the things I noticed:

For car prices it is very fiddly to select accurately with the drag-thingie (e.g. 54%, 55% or 56%)
+/- buttons to in- or decrease price/percentage
alternatively a field to enter price/percentage value

I’d like to see some more statistics:

  • Produced cars / hour. That way I can see better if all my optimisations have an overall effect

  • How many components (and which) I’m buying per hour (are my “make xxx” thinges enough)

  • Button to buy all available upgrades e.g. for the drying or additional robots

  • Not having to upgrade each power generator one by one. Or some shortcut

  • Early in the game it is really painful/expensive to change the layout. I find that discourages experimenting with other designs and making gradual improvements. It also seems that when I remove a station I lose all the components and car that is currently there?

Hi, make sure you grab the latest version, some of your suggestions are already in there :smiley: