Dev Diary 1 - New Countries

[size=100]Dev Diary 1 - New Countries (Short)[/size]

With the end of the year coming its time to release some new content. There has been a straw poll and the people have decide that the next country which should join the collection is Vatican City. Vatican City will be an intersting country to play as your main goal will be not just to win the election but to be able to turn the state in a secular one without DYING! Good Luck with that!

Vatican City has had some interesting history in the past, Vatican City only became a country in 1929, when the Kingdom of Italy decide to give some land back after taking over the Papal States. In the next Dev Diary I will be able to go through more about the mod and in more depth.

We have taken suggestions for the mod and have implemented them, the next Dev Diary will go through not only the new policies we have added to Vatican City but new policies which will be release as a FREE update and a very big one. The update will be talked about in more detail in the future Dev Diaries but for now all that you need to know about it is that it will overhaul the game! :smiley:


One another thing I would like to add and that is the title of this forum post was ‘New Countries’ plural, the other country which will be added is Cornwall historically was independent, will now be part of the game due to the situation with the Scottish Referendum it would be a cool idea if Cornwall also has gotten a referendum, as I have already released Scotland and Wales has mods the only another one I could think of was Cornwall.

Thanks for reading, the next dev diary will be coming soon! :smiley: Bringing you more information.

The next dev diary I’ll be explaining the New Policies for these new countries and for the BIG update!