different results at different speeds and on different...

I check your alliance fleet and Cordeau’s imperial fleet earlier today at 1x. My results were 82% to 10% in favor of the Imperials. Pretty similar. I choose a smaller map this time too. 1x is slow… :slight_smile:

that’s actually quite interesting… it implies that there’s extra randomness entering the system that’s not from the RNG. (because a seeded RNG is deterministic).

so either you’re using two RNGs (not impossible), or there’s something else … my money would be on memory allocation, and some subtlety that’s allowing the O/S allocation of memory to affect the order of processing entities.

The problem isn’t that randomness is appearing in results. We’ve all expected that a battle won’t come out exactly the same way twice - even that luck can swing a match! The problem is that we’re getting consistently different results at the same game speed where one side is winning all the time for one player, and not at all for the other. That murders competitive challenges almost completely. :frowning:

i’m curious… in the cases where different machines get different results … are they fighting the same battle? or are they both fielding “their” fleet on the left?

I field my fleet against the Imperial fleet, however I believe lokis222 has done it both ways with similar results on his end.

This is interesting. I wonder if it related to the other thread over in support where people are discussing how the slower you set the speed at, the greater the chance for weapons to hit. This does seem like there is a fundamental problem at work.

the causes of the randomness are explained in the other thread (and my blog)

observation - it seems to me that turrets take roughly the same amount of time to retarget whether the game is running 1x or 4x. this only matters against fighter swarms really…

I don’t know if that is the problem, but I have noticed some times turrets in general can take several seconds to target anything, even if multiple targets are in range. Not sure how much this is intended, but seems to hurt anti-fighter weapons in general.

Not true - turrets “snap” into position when their cooldown is over, even though they may traverse slowly for cinematic effect.

What I am noticing is that minimum range doesn’t seem to work the way I’d think it would. I’ve seen turrets happily continue shooting at fighters well within their minimum range, even though they won’t consider ships within their minimum range when they’re picking new targets.