Different Versions?

I saw that you, Cliffski, said this on another thread:

I just bought this game from Big Fish Games. Does mine only go to 10 years? Is there something I can do or add on to make this happen, if my version doesn’t have this option?

Thanks! I LOVE this game!


yup, I’m afraid you are right. The positech version si the original one, which has had a huge number of patches and changes. The big fish one is the version that was current when big fish published the game, which came a bit earlier, and did not have that feature. The positech one is also set in the UK and uses UK currency, it also has a few other minor things that differ.
there’s no way to change between the two, because publishing arrangements do not let us know, or verify who has purchased the game.

Hi Maggie

I was in the same boat as you. I got mine from Playfirst or someone LOL can’t remember which, anyway, I actually purchased the game again from here. It’s very reasonably priced and the benefits like being able to use the patches etc as well as all the mods you can do make it well worthwhile. You will have even more hours of fun! PLUS you get support from the bloke who wrote the code…free! (Sorry Cliff :wink:…)


Thanks for the input, Voo! I think that’s what I’m gonna do. :smiley: