Help, Cliffski! :(


I bought Kudos from Yahoo! Games but now I’m unable to download any of the patches you’ve created, and it’s really frustrating me. I really don’t want to have to pay another $20 bucks to get the new features you’ve updated…what should I do? :\

Thanks in advance.

Eeek, sorry, but its a separate version of the game! Thats why the price is slightly lower, and the sales are all handled through yahoo. It takes a while to get a game on to yahoo, so during that period, the 2 versions have drifted apart slightly. Dont panic though, because this doesn’t mean there wont be an update for the yahoo version at some point (I don’t know when though). Also, some of the avatars that are extra downloads in the positech version are already inside the yahoo one (because the yahoo one has no internet features).

Ugh, that sucks! :\ I really wish I found this site before I bought the full version from Yahoo. Oh well, thanks for the info.