Do save games break a lot in this?


I’ve been playing a few terms and now every time I try and go to the next turn I get this:

15/1/2014 - 16::39 - Unknown scripted function:.\src\SIM_Script.cpp 228

Is this a common thing? Is it fixable? If it does happen a lot it kind of ruins the game. In case it’s relevant, before this happened some of the minister’s faces were replaced by white boxes.



Do you have mods installed? That could have something to do with it. I’ve had this problem, too. But only after I started playing with a lot of different mods and modding it myself. And it doesn’t actually happen that often. But the frequency increases, the more I screw with stuff.

And it’s not that the every game you play will end up like this. But if you have a game saved and a change causes an error, that saved game is basically gone.