[Fixed 1.18][Bug 1.17] CTD During Autosave

I placed an item (it was either paint finish or dry finish) at the exact moment the game auto-saved and it crashed with no error message. Upon trying to load the auto-save I got the following error:


The same is happening to me, it’s very frustrating because it seems to corrupt the save game as well.

Yikes. Could you email me the save game to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk
they are found in:

\my documents\my games\production line

That should help me track it down, plus I may be able to recover your save game.

Sorry Cliff, rookie mistake - I overwrote it !

Hi. I just experienced this myself and have emailed the save file with the subject “Production Line - Bug - CTD on autosave - affected save game file”

Don’t worry about recovering the game unless it’s useful for you to do so.

This seems to be related to a car feature that doesn’t exist somehow, so the game crashes when saving and the save file is incomplete (unrecoverable). I’m trying to work out how on earth that can happen…

edit: so this only happens on an autosave right? i’m wondering if its a multithreaded thing. does it always coincide with a specific action right as it triggers?

I had another CTD later when I looked away from the game for a few seconds. i.e. I had performed no input action during that time.

Assuming it was the same bug (my bad), I did not attempt to load the autosave just to be sure. Will do so next time.

I just set the autosave interval to 30 seconds and played for AGES trying to reproduce it. Of course its possible that its fixed in 1.18.

I’ve just had it happen again moments ago. I was in a new game in which I immediately paused upon starting, and went to creating a basic production line for a few minutes. As soon as I hit the standard speed button I had a CTD.

Attempting to load the autosave had the same error code as shown above. As the autosave was affected I suppose the speed change was just coincidental.

As it seems to be happening to me on a regular basis is there anything you’d like me to do to get more information? I’m wondering if I should start recording my play sessions to try to catch it in the act.

I’m emailing a copy of the new corrupted autosave if it’s of use. Subject header is “Production Line - Bug 1.17 - CTD on autosave - affected save game file 2”

just to check… a manual save of the game saves and load ok for you?

Yes, they save and load perfectly fine. I’ve done them many times over with no issue.

Autosaves usually work too!

So far so good with 1.18 - Played a couple of hours with no CTD