Does GSB have a menu bar we can't see?

I noticed last night that if you tap left-ALT in the GSB, the mouse cursor freezes (or in a few cases vanishes) and everything pauses.Tapping ALT again makes the cursor come back and everything is happy again…

Does GSB have a menu bar that we can’t see, and tapping ALT is moving focus to the first menu item?

Appart from that very minor issue, great work Cliffski - a fine game you’ve made. Very pleased to finally get my hands on it!

(System is Win7 x64 RC, 4GB RAM, on a Dell Studio 17 laptop with ATI Radeon Mobility 3650 - just in case that’s of importance)

There isn’t a menu bar, but I think windows intercepts that key unless you tell it not to (I must do this), as part of the whole ‘alt_tab’ and ‘alt+F4’ controls for all windowed apps.

at one point i managed to get the windows right-click-on-window menu appear (restore/move/close etc)

sorry, not sure how… but it did involve alt and right-clicks

pressing alt-space when fullscreen does that for me