Don't give me no drugs man! (bug report)

I was messing with the narcotics option and apparently you can ‘sorta’ legalize drugs. first step is going into narcotics, then you move the slide up and back down again, if you don’t move it all the way back down then it’ll effect some of the groups even without legalizing drugs. This happens without any political capital and without a change confirmation.

I’ve noticed that too.

This is a DISPLAY bug, nothing actually changes. This happens not only on the ‘legalize drugs’ policy but every time when the policy can have only several levels, like ‘handgun laws’.

By the way, I’ve noticed also that after leaving the ‘handgun laws’ policy screen you end up with the message ‘insufficient control’ even if you didn’t modify the value (moved the slider back and forth).

This is some kind of bug with these finite levels of policy.

Actually it does cause changes. I was messing around to see what the different levels of narcotics control were and ended up with the slight increases at “outlawed”. I thought nothing of it and ended the turn. Sure enough, crime started to rise and there was nothing I could do about it.

Same thing happened to me.

It actually does make a difference and it’s not a display bug. You can adjust which part of that level you want to hit by increasing the speed which you drag the slider.

So if you really want a zero on the narcotics slider, then start by placing the slider at the legalise all drugs. Then slide it as quickly as you can to the left. If you can’t get it to have zero effect on everything, then try again. And again. Until you get it right. It’s the same for all limited slider policies. University grants, you just do the opposite, if you want them at max, and so on.

I thought I’d fixed this in version 1.02?

I really should stop posting about things in past versions. Sorry, Cliffski. :frowning: