Duel Downs

Sure you could do that.

Just name it:
DuelDown thc 1 Credits Only Pilot 516 Credits 99973

Actually if we had a game mode for DuelDowns it would be one of the options you could set when creating the challenge.

If its credits only, why record the pilots at all?
Shouldn’t it be a simple “DuelDown thc 1 Credits 99973”?

I don’t have the game on this PC and I don’t remember off hand… can you use parenthesis in a challenge name? “Dueldown (thc 1) Cr 99973” would look a lot neater.

Good catch!

Thought it was credits and pilots?


Well, all of the ones I have posted are. But as an option you could do a “credit only” DuelDown.

Yes, you can do that.


Can you repost that challenge (did you leave Nomads checked?)? It says you have content I don’t and I can’t download it…

BTW: I’m noticing that more and more with challenges. You don’t have the same content, go get it from the website. I presume it is Nomads causing this and the box is automatically checked?

Lol I won the frigate only dual down. 4 frigates with only ion is no match against my 1 frigate with 27 armor.

I wouldn’t say “no match” on my machine I won the first two times I ran it and lost the third. 2 out of 3 my favor isn’t bad. But your fleet can win and had only one pilot so that’s a win!!!

Good job!

You make some awesome rebel frigates, it was a pleasure dueling with you!!

Oh for real? Okay let me see if I can make one that wins more consistently.

To be honest I only deployed this armored fleet once… I was trying to set up a 3 frigate fleet earlier that hopefully can’t be beaten with just 1, then the whole armor idea just pops in my head.

I still win 2 out of 3 on my machine even at that steep angle. :slight_smile: