Duel Downs

Inspired by the SAC tournament and this conversation: http://www.positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5290

The quote is from the other thread…(spelling corrected)

As I was writing this I was thinking that responses would be private, and that everyone who fought the duel would privately post their winning fleet back to me (or the person starting the “Duel Down”) Then it dawned on me that the issue of cross posting could be solved by publicly posting your “wins”. The problem is naming the cross-posts and being able to chain them back to the original challenge. It just gets messy (example):
Ramcats Duel Down 1 Aliandro Thunderbird Berny_74 Pilots 18 Cost 53,123

Ok I would still suggest privately posting your wins back to the person who started the duel. And if you have an ingeneous fleet you’d like others to beat, you could post it publicly as a new “Duel Down”.

So here is my thought on naming convention:
[Player Name (poster)]s Duel Down [number] Pilots [number] Cost [number]
Example: Ramcats Duel Down 1 Pilots 20 Cost 91,820

If you win you post back with the first part of the name and yourself and your pilot/cost count.
[Original Duel Down name and number] [your name] Pilots [your count] Cost [your cost]
Ramcats Duel Down 1 Cetiah Nova Pilots 17 Cost 72,101

You’ll have to self requlate your pilot count and costs because the map won’t do it for you. Unless you create a custom map each time (can you do that?).

I was going to say you should play the same race everytime but I’m not sure I would make that a requirement. What do you all think (Race Duel Downs?, maybe when you’re indicating you’d like that requirement?)?

Any suggestions? Better naming convention?

Give me a minute to get my fleet up. And yes, it will be a missile spammy heterogeneous fleet. Think of it as a well equiped invading army you’re about to chop up. Then as the war rages on and we don’t have enough resources, we’ll have to inovate to beat you (I wonder if this will be good practice for the campaign?).

I like it!

Is there a minimum increment between the previous and next challenge?

Is it just the previous challenge that you need to beat or the previous 2 or 3 like SAC?

Just the previous. 1 credit or 1 pilot.

And I just beat it on the first attempt. But I forgot to write down the pilots and cost, you need to do that so you can post the “retaliation”.

Don’t forget to put the pilot and cost in the “Taunt”!

Sadistic, I don’t know your pilot and cost (so I can stay under them)!!

Well I put a public post in retaliation to Ramcat’s original challenge.

Got it down to 32 Pilots, 70 807 Credits.

Problem with this method is that it negates frigates and fighters. Also means a complete redesign for me since most of my ships are built to survive fighter assaults.


I am having to recalibrate as well. Seeing new designs.

I got waxed by an Alliance fleet!!! Very cool. Had to change thoughts to beat it.

You could add fighters to the initial “duel down” to keep the pilot count up. I did not want a fighter war for my first duel down. I do think I will do that soon. Rather, I’d love to see one of yours.

I have already faced frigates - and a frigate duel down would be cool too!!!

BTW, down to 25 pilots and 70325 credits…posted to you.

Okay too it down to 22 pilots and 48 884 - We are almost at the point of getting into frigate territory.

So is it the first person who gets down to 1 pilot the winner since you cannot go lower than one pilot?


That is a good idea. I presume you mean the first person to win with 1 pilot (against a 2+ pilot fleet) wins the “duel down”.

I also think that the “unbeatable fleet” is another way to win. 10 attempts to beat it counts as “unbeatable” and wins the “duel down”.

BTW, these games I’ve played as “duel downs” have been the funnest challenges I have ever played. All of you who have sent messages but not posted your winning fleet have missed out on the fun.

@Berny_74 Your fleets are pure genious and your use of orders inspiring.

I think we should skip the author name. Like SAC, you can label it as Dual Down 1-1 x pilots y credits

I played my first one without having read this thread but I’ll play another and post the results


Oh my, what an awesome fleet. I though I would never beat it. You should make a custom map and post that one as a Frigate Duel Down. Let other people face that wrath!!!

Even though I did beat it, it was by the skin of my teeth. Almost feel unworthy to have beaten it. Could find no other way to beat it.

Well, those twelve ships are tough. Hmmmm, do you think that would make a good raiding fleet in the campaign?

And to whoever I sent my Fast Cruiser and Fast Frigate fleets at: Weren’t those just absolutly cool fleets? I think that’s a novel idea. I learned it from the forum.

We will have to see in the campaign - I am wondering how quickly the “retreat” will be. I am thinking of more along the lines of long range fast missile cruisers that can start throwing down missile spam while pulling back so as to retreat easier.

It was something I did in the orion2 series - lots of light frigates with 2xmissile systems and quick launchers and a tanker. They go in launch launch and then retreat and the tanker pulls back after the missiles do their thing. If it did anything.

Would just keep doing that trying to wittle down the enemy.


I can beat my fleet with a Rebel fleet 11 pilots 30956. Want the plans?

I beat your retaliation with 1 pilot 3,138 creds

I would call that a win. Nice ploy to switch to frigates then beat them all with a cruiser. Absolutely solid play. First Duel Down winner! And you did it with Alliance. Rock solid man.

On a side note, when 19 frigates all fireing 4 lasers each at one cruiser can’t touch it, something is out of balance.

Um…where are all these challenges? I can only find two fleets on the DuelDown map.

Actually there are only two starting matches posted right now. When you beat that one, and respond with your pilot and credit count in the taunt (write it down before you fight the mission), you will get a retaliation mission that beats yours, and so on.

The names of the two starting missions are:
Ramcats Duel Down 1 Pilots 35 Cost 98210 (See Challenge forum)
Rancats Frigate Fighter (no Cruisers) Duel Down 1 Pilots 112 Cost 99285 Let the frigates fly!!!

I forgot to name the second map as a DuelDown and misspelled my own name! Arg!!

If you respond to either of these the series of matches will begin.

And as a request to the community, all those who have played a series or two through, please post a starting map. And as a special request to Berny_74, Sadistic, and 123stw. You guys have had some awesome fleets, some of those would be great starting places!! Post them, Please!

PS. I was just looking through the challenges and saw Berny_74’s (Berny in the challenge list) DuelDown named:
Down to 32 Pilots and 70807 credits (on map DuelDown1)
Since it is public it is also a starting point for a “duel down”.

PPS. I just posted another strating point match/challenge:
Ramcats DuelDown 2 Pilots 35 Credits 80889 (on map DuelDown2)

The starting fleet is nothing, easy to beat. The point is the interaction and fleet changes you need to make as the credits and pilots drop. Very innovative play and will cause you to retool your ships (teach you more about what they can do). And you’ll find that one fleet in the series that was just a bear to beat (difficult). They are treasures…

I’ve been thinking about this. I wanted to leave author name because it tells you who you’ll be dueling with. For instance, I would duel you anytime. You present a great challenge. But it does make it hard to find the “duels” in the challenge list.

This is my thought at a fix:
DuelDown Ramcat 3 Frigate Only Pilots 250 Credits 98123

Move the author name (the person you’ll be dueling) to after the challenge type, makes it easier to find them in the list (sort by Taunt). BTW, sort by map is another good way to find them, if the author named his map (DuelDownX).

I put one up…word of warning though i started big. 179 pilots 89,642 creds.

I have a suggestion, and that is to make the “down” only for credits. That way, people can still use fighters and the winning fleet won’t always be predictably a single cruiser.