I started another SAC map, SAC-2. It’s about 2700 meters, 50,000 points, and 98 pilots. There are no engines required.

The way to do this like SAC1, and to use the new, ‘retaliate’ feature would be for other players to add their challenges to the original retaliation list, but only those challenges which first defeat all previous retaliations, and the original. You might as well fight any subsequent retaliations first, and the original last, then at the end of that you can ‘retaliate’ and add your successful challenge to the original list.

Or make a separate challenge and post it on this thread, i guess.

Hopefully, that makes some sense.

edit: It’s called ‘SAC-2-Tribe’ because the Tribe and Order are allowed in the competition. I was thinking of starting another SAC map, but with no Tribe or Order allowed.

I did a SAC-3, with no Tribe or Order allowed. The map says, ‘C-3-No-Tribe’

So, with 98 pilots these are intended to be less fighter-heavy than the 1st SAC.

Great stuff blitz.

I posted SAC - 3, fleet 2 in the main challenges last night. Will go and add it to the retaliation list though seeing as that makes a lot more sense.