Engineless-ships shouldn't be able to attack in campaigns

It is quite frustrating to be attacked by a bunch of engineless (and obviously weapon-heavy) ships in campaign mode. These result in a very long battle, and don’t seem particularly “realistic” (or fair).

add it to the master wishlist

I understand this, but on the flip-side they can be considered a replacement for stations which do not exist in GSB at this time.

That justification would be acceptable if the engineless ships were attacked, however it doesn’t make sense for a “station” to invade another system. I’m with OP on this one

I do agree with that point. Even when I do make “stations”, I include at least 1 engine to validate its movement between systems.

I agree also.
Engineless ships should not be able to attack.
But they should absolutely be possible as defenders (space stations)

I disagree, I find that having a station should be able to move between systems at least. Considering that (As far as I know) we can’t build new facilities, it’s only valid to allow engine-less ships to move between systems as stations.

I’m playing with the station’s mod installed and I found that they have no use when I can only build a few and they can’t even leave where I build them.