Ships not moving into range to attack

Now perhaps this is just a schoolboy error or I’m missing something massive.

When I design frigates and other ships with beam lasers, heavy beams, etc., when they get to battle, they seem to steam in at full speed, then stop. They literally stop at the very edge of range.

I never played GSB1 so not sure if there was a tactical explanation there but it’s kind of annoying that they seem to wait just outside of their own range while they get pummelled with missiles and longer range weapons from the enemy.

Is that normal? Are they, for example, waiting for enemy shields to go down or something? Do I need to assign a specific order before they attack? When enemy ships wander into range, they are effective, but they don’t seem to advance far enough themselves to be able to attack.
Would appreciate some advice on what to do.

My initial thought is have you set the engagement ranges for your ships? The default ranges in the Attack X orders are not complementary with all weapons.

You can also try the Keep Moving order and see if that improves performance.

Cheers I will give this a try.