Environment Producing Pollution?

For some reason it lists the Environment as a positive influence on Polution??? surely more the value of the environment goes up the less pollution there would be overall. Like the other values make sense, the more cars that are used, the more airplanes that travel and the more the economy booms there would be more pollution. However I don’t understand why the environment would increase pollution especially this highly?

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This is still correct. In this case, the environment is so degraded (assuming anyway) that it’s the overwhelming factor contributing to the increased pollution.

I don’t understand, if the environment is increasing in value (which I’m guessing represents size of said environment like wildlife and plantlife) then surely things like trees would get things like Carbon Gas as well as absorbing things like sound pollution.

Also you say the environment is degraded, when in my game I did everything I could to help the environment value grow, through subsidies and greener energies and yet somehow it has a positive influence on pollution?

What is the actual value of the environment? If it is low, then something else is outweighing your other policies and keeping it low.

As you can see in my screenshot none of the things affecting pollution have any value. Apart from the helpful bars. And my Environment far outweighs the other values in this category.

A low environment rating raises it, a high environment would raise it. The environment being bad is what’s causing pollution.

There are some things with inverse relation, where low thing increases effect and high thing decreases effect.

Maybe somehow showing correlations in these interfaces would be nice. Pollution is negatively correlated with The Environment. Low The Environment boosts Pollution, High The Environment reduces it, or at least doesn’t boost it as much.