Evening Classes....Help?

question, as to b4 i start going crazy w/ modding i thought it was important that i kno what the heck “token” means under hook_eveningclasses and “#” i was trying to alter the time it takes to finish law and medicine classes since i think they pay the best but it is quite hard to go to class and work when you come home stressed from working and i pay $200+ for evening classes and the skill goes up less than 5% :imp: it is very frustraing any help :question:

the ‘#’ just means ‘process this line’ if a line doesn’t have the # at the start, its ignored in code, so you can add comments without them being loaded in.

The “#” is the token :laughing:
Lines are read in by the prog that start with the token, other lines are for ‘comments’

[edit]Ho hum , just got beaten to it :unamused: :open_mouth:

I find that having a bath the night before a class helps with the % :slight_smile: :laughing:

#,LAW,basic_law,Introduction to the modern legal system.,,17,-1,-1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,#,#,0.2,#,

As you can see from that line the basic_law will increase by 0.2. To speed it up a bit try altering the 0.2 to a higher number.

i thought that was it but i was terrified of guessing and messing up my game but i was playing after i typed in the question and found that all you need as a lawyer is a boyfriend ( :smiley: ) soooo i dont think i need to modd after all…its really confusing… :unamused: …o and i dont have that version of excel and kudos doesnt read excel worksheet very well…i dont kno why…tanky ne ways :wink:

Okey dokey then :cry:

I don’t use excel … good ol’ Notepad :laughing: … and CSVed