[Feedback] 1.15 beta

First off, holy shit quick turnaround on features. The ‘report’ window makes the action much easier to keep track of, and it was apparently thrown together in a week. Some kind of ‘ping’ or nametag for the ‘speaking’ ship might be useful, but seeing such a rapid feature addition is great.

I haven’t had the game for very long myself, so I guess others are more experienced with noting the fine differences - but I’ve noticed accuracy vs fighters seems improved; what’s the new hit calculation? The discussions on armour have led me to notice that armour armours ‘itself’ in the armour/module calculation (ie, 2 50-armour plates + 1 module = 33 armour from 100/3, instead of 50 from (armour as a whole) + module/100). Does anyone else have any feedback on the 1.15 changes?