Beta Testers for patch 1.36 needed. Apply within!

I’m close to releasing patch 1.36, and would love a few helpful GSB players to take a look at it and shake out any bugs that escaped my radar. All you need is:

  1. To be an owner of the full game
  2. To have bought it direct from positech (just for admin reasons, sorry).

It doesn’t matter what PC you have, or whether you do or do not have any expansions installed. I just need a good cross section of people to give the new patch a try.
If this applies to you, can you email me at, it helps if you email me from the address you used to buy the game, or at least include that address in the email. The idea is that you tell me about anything that is suddenly broken, or unbalanced, or annoying that is new.


[code]version 1.36

  1. Bug Fix: Limpet launcher UI no longer shows it tracking targets and firing if all mines are currently launched.
  2. Bug Fix: Limpet launchers no longer draw if cloaked.
  3. Usability: Ship icons on the deployment screen now list their speed and cost in the mouseover tooltips.
  4. Usability: The post challenge button greys out once you have actualyl submitted the challenge
  5. New Feature: New option after a challenge victory to retaliate with the fleet you just won with.
  6. Usability: The ‘go to fleet hq’ button isn’t an option any more for the outcome window during challenges, when you don’t earn honor anyway.
  7. Bug Fix: Fixed bug where some fighters, depending on speed, may not be able to dock with a carrier.
  8. New Feature: New ‘challenge details’ screen, complete with retaliation list and image previews.
  9. New Feature: ‘stick together’ order for fighters, keeps them clustered in squadrons.
  10. Bug Fix: Intel GMA 450 video cards now correctly default to software processing and don’t crash on startup
  11. Bug Fix: The ship design screen now correctly calculates armor resistance, which was previosuly wrong![/code]


And I noticed the patch is out when I started the game earlier today, are those patch notes still current, or have you changed anything?

nope, thats the final patch.

Nice update, I like the addition of Challenge details. I can decide on the fight before I download it.

I always wondered why my armor points were so low, but somehow could take a beating.

Thanks Cliff.